Our Company

"To be a part of creating something is a great feeling. This is the reason we do what we do and why we do it so well."  Karl Geng, Owner PixelGems Creative 

We understand you.

We understand how it all starts. There is a spark of an idea, fueled by passion. It grows, it demands you work harder than you have ever worked before. There are struggles and sacrifices that only people driven as you are will ever understand.

Only those who dedicate their lives to their passion will ever understand this feeling. How you struggle, build, plan, fall, get back up and continue to dedicate yourself to get your business to its ultimate success.

Yes, we understand you. We share your passion and the need to build something great. Your business is great. We share your pride of ownership and you deserve a team like PixelGems to help you develop the best, highly effective, web presence.

A shared vision.

Sometimes you meet people with a similar drive, passion and vision. Together you create synergy and the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. This is how PixelGems grew into the amazing team it is today. A team of like minded, talented individuals who want to help you develop your business and ensure its further success as well as ours.

As much as passion is important, you also need an experienced team. With over 40 years of combined experience in web site design and development, we have you covered.

Work together with us - we will ensure your satisfaction by meeting your needs and addressing your concerns. We are proud of everything we produce, and once your new website is completed it becomes part of our portfolio and must be exceptional.

Great experience with the staff... product turned out wonderful!” - Kathy Funk
Chilliwack Downtown BIA