3 Ethical Steps to Get 91% of Google's Traffic

December 18, 2013 | Cathy Tibbles

Websites on the first page of Google attract a whopping 91% of the traffic! What would you do with a 91% jump in eyeballs on your website?

For high volume search words, this could mean thousands of new eyeballs on your business. In a world where 94% of consumers research online prior to making a purchase, don't underestimate the impact this could have!


So, How does one get on the first page?

Indeed, that is the question. A small investment now can mean big pay off later. Here are the steps to getting to page one:

  1. Hire an SEO expert to get the basics completed on your website (On page optimization of the web pages)
  2. Test and Tweak to convert the visitors to customers (Optimize the conversion rate)
  3. Expand the reach and authority of your site (Social Media, Content Marketing, and Off-page optimization)

What can you do now?

SEO Expert

If you can't invest in an SEO Expert, you can begin to do some research and optimization on your own. There are a lot of good guides (and a lot of shysters too). Start with this guide - A quickstart guide to SEO by Search Engine Land. Focus your attention on the "Search Engine Optimization" tab in the Onyx web-pages tab. 

Test & Tweak

A simple thing like moving an image from left to right, or adding a testimonial to the page may increase your conversions by a considerable percentage. If you've already applied the best SEO practices above, you can find out more about social conversion and marketing principles and then put them to work on your pages.  

On the advice of Tulos, a Finnish conversion rate optimization agency, Scandanavian Outdoor Store ran an A/B test of two headlines: “Men’s Clothing,” and “Order men’s clothing easily for bargain prices.” (It’s possible that line lost a little music in translation.) The second of the two prompted the 127% boost.


Next, find where your potential customers are, and join the conversation via social media. Become helpful - become a real person. Add a face to the brand. (TIP: never, ever, ever use a logo for your avatar.) 

Begin to write for other sites, share your expertise and become a wide-spread authority in your niche. Link back to your site on every industry-related directory and review site.  Sign up for Google Local, Google Plus, and claim those map icons!

Regularly add to the content on your site. Become a resource for your existing customers, a remarkably generous place for others to learn. This is known as content marketing and provides you with authority, provides brand recognition, and gives your existing clientelle a reason to refer you. 


These are no small tasks: SEO Basics, Optimize CR, Social Media strategy, Content Marketing, and Off-page Optimization. Each area is an industry in its own right. But even small inroads starting at the beginning will make a big difference. If you'd like help, feel free to purchase our SEO Beginner Package. Even if you don't, I'd love to hear how its going and how many more visitors you get once you start the process! Don't forget to record the starting numbers so you can pat yourself on the back when your hard work pays off!