5 Things to NEVER put on Facebook (and 10 you should)

January 8, 2014 | Cathy Tibbles

You know your business should have Facebook. But now you're awake at night figuring out clever things to post. And spending too much energy and time away from what you're really good at - your business. If you are starting out and you're in charge of your business Facebook Fan Page, you definitely want to avoid:

Facebook No No's

 1.  The brag - whether its a humble brag, or not. The real hero is your customer.

2.  The boring - what you had for lunch. This is not a place for writing to your mom. Consider if your best/ideal client would find this entertaining/interesting.

3.  The Forward - never ever post a 'meme'.  These are those annoying games/puzzles/'you must share if ...' posts. Be original!

4.  The Whine - this goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway. Be positive!

5.  The selfie - this is when you hold your phone at arms reach and take a photo of yourself. We leave this for the teenagers. 

In summary, if your post was plastered in a giant billboard on the highway with your face/name attached, would you be embarrassed? Have no fear, I'm not leaving you idea-less. Try these on for size:

10 Things you Should Put on Facebook

  1. Lists (10 Things .... ) (ahem)
  2. Special dates that pertain to your industry or market (ie: National Caramel Day )
  3. Helpful information (ie: Its gonna rain today - bring your umbrellas!)
  4. Reminders (ie: Tuesday is Seniors Day!)
  5. How to posts (ie: How to freshen your home after the holidays)
  6. Video (top vine/video in your niche - search at
  7. News (ie: Mortgage rates may go up next month!! )
  8. Stats (ie: 40%: The estimated increase in requests for divorce lawyers around Valentines Day each year.)
  9. RARELY - sales pitch (ie: boxing day sale extended until Jan. 15!!)
  10. Funnies (search google for 'cartoons' in your niche/market