Double or triple your website's worth for FREE

January 2, 2014 | Cathy Tibbles

You have a beautiful website. It looks great on your phone and your sister's tablet.  It is created according to the 'rules' and you spent your hard-earned money for it. 

But is it working for you? making you money? or spreading your message? Today's post will explore how to double or triple your investment quickly and with no cost to you.

What is this secret? Content. 

Pure. Simple. Content. 

Traditional marketing throws your message out there. Commercials, radio spots, and billboards all try to reach out and grab your attention. No one wants phone calls at dinner any more. Did we ever?

Now to be successful, we must draw the consumer in. We must be attractive to them. We must provide what they wants and ALSO be helpful, personable and remarkable. 

When we want to purchase something, we ask our friends and relatives for referrals. (Be remarkable so your past consumers remark!) We go online and research reviews and opinions. 

This begs the question - how? How do we draw them into our website? How do we convince them to contact us? How do we entice them to take that next step in our sales cycle? 

Simple. Provide value.

I didn't say it would be easy. But it is simple. And it can be free. Value nowadays comes almost exclusively in the form of content. Provide reviews, recipes, how-to's, videos, entertainment, conversation, audio, podcasts. The list is endless. The point is that we love content. We read online, we converse online, we play online, we relate online, we research and we shop online.

In 2006, Hubspot added a blog. After an initial 12 - 18 months, the website really gained traction. Want similar results? There is one step: add content regularly.  We'll be starting an article series on writing content - what to write, how to write it and how to measure the results. 

A word of warning - it takes time, perseverance and effort. But it is so worth it! Here's to a new year, with renewed life in your website.